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Roofing technology has made tremendous strides since the
asphalt shingle was introduced in the early 1900�s.

Beverly Hills Roofing Construction Corp is a licensed and insured contractor providing new roofs, re-roofs, asphalt, slate, shake and flat roofing services

Are you are experiencing leaks, worn and brittle shingles, shingle granules in your gutter or just feel that it�s time to get a new roof

Roofing Beverly Hills

Roofing Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Roofing is a licensed, bonded and insured roofing, siding and exterior renovation company that serves the greater Beverly Hills area. We provide roofing solutions, gutters and stucco services, masonry work and more. Our dedicated team of professional and licensed installers that are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and peace of mind, every step of the way. We specialize in a broad range of exterior property applications: Residential, Industrial, Government, Commercial, Educational, Retail, Condominiums and high-end residential roofing projects. We install all types of roofing systems, including the latest innovations in environmentally friendly and solar roof technology. We also install leaders & gutters, facia, soffit and custom skylights, roof shingles and ply modified roofing systems. From new construction, re-roofing, sustainability and restoration, to repairs and roof maintenance programs, we proudly provide affordable, quality solutions that are customized to each of our client�s needs and budget.


. Flashing
Roof flashing is usually made from metal and works a lot like shingles. It is installed in areas where there are penetrations in the roof, valleys, the bottom of the roof, the side of the roof, chimneys,

Roof Decking
Until the middle part of the 19th century, wood planks were primarily used as the decking for a roof. The invention of plywood, however, changed this practice. The

Ice and Water Shield

In climates that experience a lot of snow fall, the roofs in those climates are subject to ice dams. Ice dams form when snow on a roof begins to melt and drip toward the edge of the roof. 

Felt Paper
Roofing shingles provide the primary waterproofing protection in a roofing system. It creates a water resistant barrier between the sheathing and the shingles and serves as a secondary
Ridge Vent
Properly venting a roof is extremely important. During times of extreme heat the temperature in the attic can reach up to 140 degrees. Over time the extreme difference in

Drip Edge
As a Beverly Hills roofing company, we use drip edge all of the time, to protect the eaves and rakes of our customers homes. Drip edge is a long


The valley of a roof is the low point between two sloping roofs where the two roof roofs intersect. The following three pictures below

A gable roof has only two sides, with a ridge at the top and exposed edges (also know n as the rake of (the roof

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The uppermost portion or peak is known as the ridge. Typically this portion of the roof will have ridge cap shingles installed either over a ridge

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